Products to Make Black & Gold Triple Cuff

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Black Leather

1.5mm, 3 Meters Supersoft Cord

£3.50 each

In stock

Gold Round Hematite

6mm Round 8" Strand

£1.50 each

In stock

Gold Polyester Thread

Size 3, 25m Spool

£1.00 each

Out of stock

Gold Plated Spacer Beads

4mm, 200 Pieces

£1.95 each

Out of stock

Silver Plate with Black Round Shank Buttons

19mm, 4mm Shank Holes 2 Pieces

£1.50 each

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F6000 Jewellery Glue 15g

Super strong, multi purpose jewellery glue. 15g

Out of stock

Size 11 Beading Needles Pack

3 size 11 needles

Insufficient stock